eXXpedition and the SDGs


I have always thought that in this life nothing is a coincidence, we have attracted everything that happens to us once we are ready and open to receive it. With a heart full of gratitude and humility I return from this experience to normal life. It's no coincidence that I had to live this experience now, it's no coincidence the group of women that I met, finishing our navigation in Rapa Nui, a culture that smells like the sea, and that today isĀ #IWD2020!

During this month I have been surrounded by a group of spectacular women, strong women, resilient women, the true superheroes. I feel full of your energy and ready to face anything - I have never felt so strong and empowered! I know it has been thanks to everything we have experienced and the great strength that we created together. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to grow and transform with you by the sea.

And infinite thanks to ALL the women who are part of my life that in one way or another have helped me to be who I am. Happy International Women's Day!

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